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Royal Purple Tea


The new purple variety, a whole leaf tea made from two leaves and the bud. It has higher medicinal properties than green and black tea.

Royal Purple Tea is a new tea variety, a whole leaf tea. It has higher medicinal properties than green and black tea.

Derived from the same plant that produces traditional Black and Green Tea; grafted from Camellia sinensis .

Origin is Mt Kenya Highlands. Royal Purple Tea is rich in anthocyanin , a water soluble pigment that is found in red cranberries and grapes, which gives it the distinctive purple leaves.

It’s known to contain exceptionally high levels of anthocyanins and catechins.-which means it, has super high levels of antioxidants. The increased levels of Theaflavins in the catechins are responsible for the briskness in the cup. The malvidin also found in red grapes, wine, blueberries, and raspberries make it a super antioxidant. Purple tea is a green alternative for tea drinkers. 100% Organic.

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