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Ethiopian Harrar coffee


Ethiopian Harar" is a coffee bean of the species Arabica that is grown in the region of Harar in the Eastern highlands of Ethiopia and it's known for its distinctive fruity, wine flavor.

It is one of the oldest coffee beans still produced and is known for its distinctive fruity, wine flavor. The bean is medium in size with a greenish-yellowish color. It has medium acidity and full body and a distinctive mocha flavor. Harar is a dry processed coffee bean with sorting and processing done almost entirely by hand. Though processing is done by hand, the laborers are extremely knowledgeable of how each bean is categorized. Harar beans can be divided into three categories: Longberry, Shortberry, and Mocha. Longberry varieties consist of the largest beans and are often considered of the highest quality in both value and flavor. In some cases this is true but more often than not it is just a marketing pitch. Shortberry varieties are smaller than the Longberry beans but, are considered a high grade bean in Eastern Ethiopia where it originates. Also the Mocha variety is a highly prized commodity. Mocha Harars are known for theirpeaberry beans that often have complex chocolate, spice and citrus notes.

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