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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe- Green Bean coffee


Ethiopian Highlands- Ethiopian yirgachefcoffee is an Arabica coffee grown in the region of Irgachefe (transliterated as Yirgachefe) . 


TASTE NOTES: Cup Characteristics: Full bodied with mild earthy flavors, Bright, sweet, very clean, citrusy. Hints of melon. Chocolate body. Crisp with lingering finish.

Notes: finest when roasted medium-light; it produces a unique fragrance and a lingering intensified finish. French city roast is a nice level for this coffee, taking it up to but not pushing fully into second crack. Or, at City+ the floral/lemony character is better preserved while the body will be a bit reduced. This coffee is interesting over a range of roasts and profiles.

STORAGE: Storage is integral to maintaining your coffee and tea’s freshness and flavor. It is important to keep it away from excessive air, moisture, heat, and light in order to preserve its fresh-roast flavor as long as possible.

The coffee is packed in single sisal bags of 60 kg, but the bids are made per 50 kg bag at the Nairobi Coffee Auction.


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